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Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2023-01-07 Pregledi: 71

Quip is a battery-powered electric toothbrush. It aims to combine the low cost, light weight, and simplicity of a manual brush with the guiding features and fresh feel of an electric. After years of development, Quip has become one of the major players in the industry.



In order to enhance the brand image and meet the packaging needs of sustainable development, Quip planned to launch a new retail packaging. It hoped to find more environment-friendly packaging materials and manufacturing processes. More importantly, in order to echo QUIP's mission of Better Oral Care, Made Simple, the design of new packaging was required to be simple and stylish.


After trying various materials, the QUIP team finally decided to use recyclable paper drums as the new packaging materials. Our R&D personnel have done a lot of work to perfect the packaging creativity of QUIP. After studying the history, mission and consumer groups of the brand, we abandoned the traditional round or square paper tube, adopted the unique runway shape, and specially developed a mold to make paper tubes.


The new retail packaging has been a success as it was designed with high quality paper and curves that fit into the palm of the consumer's hand for a premium feel. It’s 90% paper, and the whole package is entirely recyclable.