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Ukratko uvod u scenarije primjene papirne tubaste ambalaže

Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2023-01-06 Pregledi: 36

Paper carton packaging can be seen everywhere in daily life. Nowadays, paper carton packaging is no longer limited to traditional long and square shapes, but round and special-shaped carton packaging forms have appeared. The following is an introduction to the application scenarios of paper tuber packaging.


In fact, paper tube packaging is not a new packaging form. It is more traditional in terms of form alone, and it is less used in the market. With the development of the packaging industry, the paper tube packaging has made great breakthroughs, whether in terms of packaging structure or functional attributes, it meets the needs of more industries for cylinder paper packaging. In recent years, the application range of paper tubes has been expanding, involving food, gifts, daily chemical products, electronic products, cosmetics, clothing jewelry and many other industries.

Compared with the traditional paper packaging form, the paper tube packaging is not only more diverse in structure and form, but also more comprehensive in functional attributes, meeting the customization needs of different industries and products for paper tube packaging. In the market environment of pursuing differentiated marketing, paper tubes help products achieve better marketing effects.

Paper tube packaging has promoted the development of the domestic paper packaging industry. With the continuous development of paper tube packaging, it will also be applicable to more industries and promote the common development of the entire packaging industry.